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Custom projects


Staff member
Many people have asked me about this topic. I am doing custom projects, but I do have a few guidelines.

Requirements for custom projects
  • Please provide me with full details of the project at the start. This way, I can save us both time. I'll either say yes, no, or let me research it first. When you write me on Discord, provide an explanation of what you want me to do, and how much you are willing to pay. I work with prices, but my time isn't free.
  • Will this project be for a tournament, LAN, or just general use? This matters, and it's very important you let me know.
  • Are you going to be selling the product, or research I do for you? This matters. I will not charge extra, but it'll help me complete it to your liking.
  • All projects require 50% down deposit for me to start! Once the project is completed, the other 50% is to be sent to me. I do this because like I said, my time isn't free. I will only charge you when I have confirmed I can do it for you. After I have started the project, there is no refunds. Before I start any project, we will iron out all the details, so there are no misunderstandings.
If you are ready to continue, contact me on Discord at Vuno#0821.